Goat Cheese Steak Sauce

Goat cheese, olive oil, garlic, chives, goat milk, (tiny bit of vinegar), minced onion, salt, pepper, parsley, dill seed, and just enough Worcestershire sauce to make it turn a creamy brown color.

You can mix up a little or a lot, depending on the number of steaks you’re going to be serving. Heat olive oil, add fresh garlic, herbs, and simmer to soften. Add equal amounts of goat cheese, goat milk and about a teaspoon of vinegar for each cup of sauce allow to thicken slightly (adjust vinegar to taste and ALWAYS use Apple Cider Vinegar). Add dry herbs and seasonings, stir to moisten. Add Worcestershire sauce to darken sauce to a creamy brown color – about the color of coffee with cream – and serve over grilled beef steak.

You can always adjust seasonings to taste. I’ve been known to add Cheyenne pepper, oregano, or other seasonings if the meal or my taste buds require them.

This is also delicious on a hamburger “Red Robin Style.”

Recipe by Jan Verhoeff