Neighbor’s Gone Mad

Got a message from a lady in a neighboring community [McClave] who had read the article about undersheriff Tandy Parrish in an earlier story published here, Falsely Accused. This is another family known for literally DECADES to be fine, upstanding, law abiding citizens in southeastern Colorado.

Her story follows:

When I first met Albert Kirk Hornung, it was approximately May 30, 2012 at 8:45 am. I was working at the McClave Post Office; he came in and told me the lady at the bank told him to come talk to me that he was my new neighbor. We talked for awhile & I told him that my husband Ray was in Rifle as a wildland firefighter. A few days later, June 2nd at 4:45, I was out in my yard watering and Albert came over with his dog. He told me his mom had died and this was her dog, Sundance. I explained the two dogs that were out running around with me were my dogs from previous owners of the house he had bought. He petted them & asked their names and I told him that if they became a problem let me know. He told me they were fine.

June 4th approximately 9:00, Albert showed up at the post office carrying a small plastic bag. I asked what I could do for him & he dumped the bag out on the counter & it was a bunch of rusty old nails. He told me he had found these on the road & he knew that our “crummy” neighbors, Jeff & Mary Ann Turner, had put those out in the road to kill me. I told him no that they wouldn’t do that. He went on to tell me that he also knew the appliances sitting in their yard they had taken out of his house & were going to try to sell them back to him. I walked back to the back [of the post office] where I was sorting mail to get my composure, and my mail carriers were looking at me, shocked by the stories he was telling. At this point a customer came in, as I walked back to the counter he started telling my customer how people were out to kill me. My customer asked if I was ok. He gathered up his nails back into his bag & told me that he knew a state patrol lived in town & he would talk with him.  By suggestions of friends, I contacted Tandy Hasser and told her what had happened & told her nobody was trying to kill me & that if he called just kind of blow it off.  I also called Mary Ann Turner & told her the story & explained to her that I knew they were not trying to kill me & that I knew they didn’t steal the appliances. We agreed that we would talk let each other know what was going on with Albert.

I also spoke with TJ Steinbrunn who is with Colorado State Patrol. He told me to call him if I needed anything, that he knew Ray was gone.

After this all happened I was a little nervous and uncomfortable, so I avoided Albert. My daughter, Hunter Gonzales, was also becoming more frightened by him.  I would lock all the doors and windows at night and Hunter would go around and double check that they were locked.

October 1, 2012 when I came home from work at 4:20, I noticed that Albert was boarding up the windows on his home. And his behavior was becoming odder. On October 17, 2012 at 4:30, Ray got home for the season from Rifle, Hunter & I became more relaxed since he was home. Ray tried talking to Albert & he would do everything he could to avoid Ray. Then the deputies started being called out to our house regularly. There was a snowstorm and some kids driving down the alley slid off into his [Albert’s] yard a little. So after this happened Albert put spikes up in his yard and wrapped cable around the spikes. He then took old satellite dishes & railroad ties and set them up around the yard also.

Through the months of November & December we had the sheriff’s deputies at our house regularly for reports of our dogs. This was occurring up to three times a week. One deputy told us they were going to just start giving us courtesy calls instead of coming out because every call was for the same thing. When he told me this, he also told me that Albert had reported to him that Ray & I were going onto his roof with shovels and removing his shingles, we drive thru his yard & that I put my dog out into the cemetery every morning to use the bathroom because I’m a witch. When this deputy asked if he had proof he told him no.

On February 1, 2013, Ray was outside & recorded him [Albert] swinging a shovel in the air and driving the spikes further into the ground saying “I’m going to kill you.”

One morning I was sitting at work and got a text from Mary Ann Turner that Jeff had called the sheriffs office because Albert was standing in his yard screaming “I’m going to kill you.”

February 2, 2013 3:30 pm, we got home from Las Animas and Steven Crespin was at our house working on his car. He told us that Albert carried guns into his house. We left at 6:50 pm, we had gotten home at 9:00 pm and was watching TV when we started hearing banging noises. Ray went outside & Albert was banging on his deck & would then go inside and then would go out & bang more growling and making animal noises. This went on until 11:30. Hunter was so scared she was almost crying was shaking very hard and had to sleep upstairs.

February 20th, at 1:00, we met at the Sheriffs Office with Sheriff Dave Encinas. We voiced all of our concerns that day with him. I explained that my biggest fear was that he [Albert] was going to hurt someone. That with all these shootings going on & all the violence that you can’t threaten to kill people. We were advised by Dave to start recording him. On February 23rd at 3:00, Ray took our surveillance camera out & put it in the shed window.  It wasn’t working right, but we just left it out there. Albert started calming down a little at this point.

April 3, 4:20, I pulled up to my house the same time as one of Ray’s friends. He didn’t come to the door. Ray walked out and he was standing watching Albert who had came out with a rifle when he [the friend] pulled in.

On April 28, 2013 4:08 pm, I spoke with Arleta Allen about Albert. She let me know that Albert told her that Ray told him[Albert] that he [Ray] was the fire chief and that he [Albert] had to board up his windows. I explained to Arleta that he was boarding up his windows before Ray got home from Rifle and that Clay Hasser is the fire chief. I told her that we would never tell someone to do that.

On April 29th at 7:24 am, I got a call at work from my daughter, Paije Gonzales, that when she was picking Hunter up for school that Albert was out shooting into the cemetery & into the field across from our house. I called the Bent County Sheriff’s office and reported it. Hunter got a picture of him shooting in the field. At this time he had no idea who owned the property. Paije & Steven Crespin went to my residence to wait for the deputy. I left work & met them & Deputy Faulk at my house approximately at 9:45. Deputy Faulk told me that I needed to be more neighborly and go over to Albert’s house. And that Albert had a past & had reason to be paranoid. That Albert has cleared a background check & can posses any gun. I asked Faulk why I would go over there when there are no trespassing signs up. And that I had tried talking to him. I asked about Albert watching my 16 year old daughter run down the road & Faulk told me “for instance he might think she’s mafia.” I asked him really my 16 year old daughter mafia? Faulk also told Steven that he could get a gun & walk up & down the property line like Albert does and as long as he’s on his property there is nothing they could do about it. We were also told by Faulk that Albert had no intentions of leaving we better just learn to deal with it. I told him that I just wanted to be left alone. Faulk then asked what you want me to do. Get a big truck & move him. Faulk said that Albert was going to find out who owned the property that he was shooting on, I told Faulk that George McClave owned the property.

May 3rd at 1:00 pm, I called and spoke to another sheriff’s office about what was going on and what we were going thru. I was advised to get a copy of all the contact reports that had been made with Albert that is was public record. I was also asked why he had not been charged with false reporting or with harassment.

At approximately 3:00 I spoke with DA, Will Culver and asked him about the sheriff office saying they could charge Ray with stalking & he told me Ray was not stalking & to protect our family.

On May 3rd 4:20, Ray was working on a vehicle when Albert came out shooting into the field again angled to the east, Ray heard a noise from something ricocheting by him. Albert went inside. At 4:45, Robert & Karen Maggart showed up to visit & the minute they parked and got out here came Albert with his gun shooting again. Ray recorded him as instructed. Robert, Karen & I watched as he recorded. Robert & Karen left & Paije & Steven came over. A little while later here came Deputy Fief. Ray downloaded the video to Fief’s computer for evidence. 

May 4th Ray got home from work at 2:45 and we were outside. Hunter & Paije Gonzales, Steven Crespin & I were outside when Deputy Duran showed up. I asked Duran about getting statements from Paije & Steven that they have been there when most of these things happened. Duran told me there was no need to get statements from them because family lies for family. Duran also told us that Albert could only have bb guns, air rifles those kinds of things no real guns.

May 5th at 7:45 am, I went outside and was raking the yard and watering. Albert was outside for awhile & then went inside. Ray came out & we loaded up some trash & were doing some cleaning. We burnt some trash about 2:00 pm and were still cleaning. About 3:30 Deputy Duran showed up again with a warning for us. Duran told us that Tandy Hasser had told them to come talk to us about burning in burn barrels. And told us the rules which I had never heard of. The next time would be a $1,000 fine. We went inside and called the assistant fire chief & like us he had never heard of these laws. At approximately 4:50 Albert went back out onto George McClave’s property but this time instead of staying in the field in front of the house he walked all the way around the field toward the back of our house. At this point we called Mrs. McClave and explained to her what was going on with him.

It has gotten to the point nobody wants to even come to our house because they are tired of pulling up and having Albert come out with a gun. It is almost like we have become prisoners in our own home. And when we ask for help we are getting none.

Documentation from Penny Gonzales (May 28, 2013).

With a little research, I found that Albert Hornung has several felonies on his record, including:

  • Manufacturing and distributing drugs
  • Insurance fraud
  • Retaliation against a juror

And Judge Sam Vigil allowed Albert Hornung a temporary restraining order against, Ray Gonzales, after the sheriff’s officers had told Ray and his wife to record Alfred’s actions and behaviors. I will be contacting others in the area for more information about this and other incidents relevant to these cases. If you have information about any of these situations, please do contact me at: Or leave a comment below – all comments are moderated.

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7 Responses to Neighbor’s Gone Mad

  1. Penny says:

    Sad but true!!

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  4. Anna High says:

    So sad….SORRY you have to deal with this. Maybe they (the sheriff dept) will do something when this guy murders someone. You should NOT have to put up with this. He has worn out his welcome. If this guy lived anywhere besides southeastern Colo. he would be put in jail, or in a hospital. Good luck I will be praying for your family and friends.

  5. Jim says:

    It should be obvious to a rock that this guy is severely mentally ill, probably a paranoid schizophrenic. If I were in your situation, I would MOVE, and yesterday, not today. This guy is a tragedy waiting to happen and the way law enforcement works these days, your only help will be after the fact of the coming act(s) of violence perpetrated by your neighbor,,,IF you are still alive.

  6. Susan Smith says:

    This is a situation that will wait, and continue to go further until someone is seriously hurt, or worse killed. Why is it that people who obviously suffer from mental illness are not delt with in this manner? He is not only harmful to the neighbors who surround him but to himself, it is the duty of Bent County to protect all parties involved. Not to investigate after something has happened, and a crime scene is now the area of intent.

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