Lamar, Colorado – Boom Gone, Ghost Town

Nothing left, but the space for a headstone, and the city government doesn’t give a care in hot space if people visit or not.

Wikipedia declares:

Lamar is east of Pueblo, on the Arkansas River in southeastern Colorado. The northern site of the Pierre Auger Observatory of ultra-high energy cosmic rays is planned to be built near Lamar. Neoplan USA(a bus and coach manufacturer)used to have its corporate headquarters in Lamar until the company went bankrupt in 2006.

Not a thing in town since 2006 to write about, nobody else (besides Neoplan) has ever had a business there. Absolutely nothing to see, and the world there ended in 2006. Oh, puleeze, somebody park a headstone on the river bridge and call it a ghost town!

On numerous occasions, I’ve updated Wikipedia, only to have someone revisit their site and delete any changes I’ve made, reposting the current (above) statement on the website. It’s been five years since Neoplan rolled over and stuck their feet in the air, employees recuperated and either found new jobs (oh my gosh, yes! Some of them in Lamar, Colorado!), left town or started their own businesses – some even filled up some of the empty storefronts along Main Street – and it didn’t cost $5K in potted plants hanging on the light posts to open their doors.

But… according to Wikipedia (the second website that shows up when you search for Lamar, Colorado) nothing has existed or happened there since 2006.

So, what can we do to change the Wikipedia image that is being broadcast far and wide on the Internet about the community of Lamar, Colorado? Who among our City Leaders has the Balls to go change Wikipedia and tell them to leave the updates, because Lamar is a booming little town?

From past experience, this tourist didn’t find a reason to STOP in Lamar, Colorado. They just kept driving right through, because local websites are NOT cell friendly, nobody posts menus online, and there’s nothing enticing about any of the Lamar Websites to invite a traveler to stay there. If they happen to drive through and see something… of interest? they might stop. Otherwise, they keep on trucking at least to La Junta before they find any real interesting sites to visit in Colorado.

How sad.

Lamar has much to offer on the Main Street. Shops with pretty storefronts, owners with friendly faces and plenty of events happening in the area. So, where’s a tourist to find any of this stuff online? Seriously, if you live in Lamar, Colorado and you’re wondering why there’s no money coming into the community — google the darned thing. You’ll find your community doesn’t offer much to the outside world by way of tourist attraction or even business promotion.

Recently, I received an email for a man looking for a community to base his business. He said, “I looked around for something positive about the area of Southeastern Colorado, and the only person writing POSITIVE information about the area was Jan Verhoeff.”

WOW!!! Guys, I don’t even live there anymore!

With much of southeastern Colorado disparaging over the drought, inviting tourists to stop and admire the few trees that are left there in Lamar, Colorado, before they die out to the drought would be an awesome opportunity for the community to increase income. Show the world you exist out there on the prairie and remind them that all is not dead, the ghosts have not invaded and Lamar is a boomin’ little town – since 2006.


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