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John Martin Dam – Water Levels Dropping

Posted By on July 22, 2011

John Martin Reservoir - higher water levelsVisited John Martin Dam recently, showing off the neighborhood to Denver Residents and noticed the extreme drop in water level on the reservoir located on the eastern edge of Colorado. Looks like Kansas may be drying up the lakes this summer, though I continue to wonder how that could be with the high levels of run-off from the mountains.

Daily Reports indicate the water level is dropping at a fairly normal rate, considering the drought, and the holding water in Pueblo Reservoir. I’ve seen the reservoir lower this past week than I’d seen it in many years, not a sight I like to see in the area.

Wild life seems to share my opinion however, since the number of vulture circling above the Dam appeared overly abundant, waiting for life below the dam to die out, leaving them plenty of opportunity for food. The sight was amazing, even knowing that some poor animal had given his everything to feed those vultures!

Eco-Friendly Environment - Making Life Better & Greener
The advantage of having lower water levels in the reservoir is the vast array of rocks available for climbing down near the water’s edge. Most of these rocks are covered by water, when the water levels are higher. Hiking around the water’s edge reveals a vast number of NEW adventures, from swampy cat tail shallows to catfish jumping nearer the surface.

The benefit of shallow water, is easier to catch catfish, and I’ve been told by local fishermen that they’re catching plenty along the north shores where the water stays warmer. Pike seem easier to catch out about 100 yards from shore in the shallows along the river.

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  1. Oris says:

    Your writing takes me to the middle of all that is happening.
    Thanks for a great day!

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