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Walter’s Cans by Garry Groves

Garry Groves asked me to upload a poem he wrote for Walter Ely – since he was unsure how to submit or upload it to facebook. Please feel free to tag anyone else you’d like to have read this here, or post a link to it so they can stop by and read the poem. Thank you Garry for sharing this, Jan ************ Walter’s Cans Walter was a special soul Who walked the streets of Lamar. He would stop in each store Both near and far. When he saw you, He’d run up and give you a hug. Then place his head against you To show how special you were with his love. Walter was my friend So special in every way. Why – when you saw him He would make your whole day. I guess the Lord Needed hugs too. So You took Walter home To be with You. I only have one question Left to ask of this town. Who – Who – Will take care Of Walter’s cans now? To my friend – Walter Ely Lamar will miss you forever. Garry Groves 12-12-2010

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