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News Icon Passes

In a world where icons of every sort are celebrated in their lives, in their passing and in the events that appeal to others, the news of former Lamar Daily News icon Fred Betz, Jr. passing from this life to the next is an announcement worthy of recognition. News written by Fred Betz, Jr. filled the papers for years, here in Lamar, as he kept up with local events and happenings. While some reported his writings as dry and indifferent, others recognized his writing as factual and unbiased. Although his opinions on various matters were well known, rarely did one find his opinion of an event, act or incident loudly purported in the newspaper. Rather, you would find carefully reconstructed news of the event, researched, measured, checked and rechecked for accuracy, most often rankling the nerves and attitudes of local officials who may have been in error. Betz centered his newspaper business in the Lamar area, but spread his wings to various other local papers in the area, sending the best of his staff to manage and supervise new acquisitions until they were stable enough to hand over to local management again. On Friday, September 24th, 2010, Fred Betz, Jr. read more…

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Writer Conference Success

LaJunta, Colorado August 23, 2008 – What do wrestling pro, Mr. USA, Kevin Magoon, and Paleontologist, Tom Betz have in common? Both discussed writing with ACE Writers at the Fall into Publishing Writer Conference, Saturday, August 23, in La Junta Colorado.   Tom Betz, former Publisher of the Lamar Daily News, currently Publisher of the Goodland Star-News, kicked the conference off with an introduction to the great historic Oceans of Kansas. Prime journalists must have interests other than writing, so intense that writing becomes a part of their “other life” according to Betz whose interest in fossil history has paid off in numerous prehistoric finds.   Sherry Lynn Allen, a columnist for the Tribune-Democrat, whose ability to research and write for various publications has paid off with a total of only TWO rejections slips in over eight years of writing, spoke on the skills required to find writing slots and openings in many publications. Allen passed out magazines, pointed out sidebars, shorts, and full-blown articles during her discussion, explaining in detail how to write those stories and get published.   Lunch Hour Speaker – introduced by columnist – Jack Wilson, using a plathora of friendship and writer anecdotes – Chuck read more…

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