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BJ’s Burger & Beverage Review

After speaking with the owner of BJ’s Burger and Beverage, Fred Realy, I have to wonder why there’s not a sit down, formal restaurant by the same owner. However, give Fred his due… If he were running two of the same kind of place, would they both be smash-hit delicious, like BJ’s? Original owner of BJ’s, Bob Johnson, passed away a few years back after many years of operating the popular family food hang out. Long time employee Fred Realy became the new owner of the business, and the go-to man when you want changes. Originally made famous at Reid’s Drive Inn in Lamar and LaJunta,  the Zip Burger is known from coast to coast. Family members and former residents come from miles away to get the famous SECRET seasoned ground beef burger, layered with onion, and dill pickle on a toasted bun. Now available on the Dollar Menu, the Zip Burger can be served with a delicious array of accompaniments. Who can resist friend battered mushrooms, curly fries, home style fries, or the masterfully created onion rings. If those don’t appeal to you, try Poppers: deliciously roasted jalepeno peppers stuffed with cheese, rolled in a crumb topping and fried crisply read more…

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