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Lamar’s Newest Surprise is Visible from the Highway

WOW! What a terrific surprise it is! Having been a part of the Museum and the Historical Society for the past several years, I’ve been amazed at the progress Curator Kathy Scranton has made with the new Big Timbers Transportation Museum. YAY! Good job Kathy! When we arrived in Colorado from a trip to the east coast, we were invited to the Truck Stop for dinner and I noticed the digging and heavy equipment behind the museum. At first, I thought it was something with the highway department, then I realized it was the museum building Kathy Scranton had been working on as the Curator of the Big Timbers Museum. When grants became available from the Department of Transportation, Kathy went to work, first contacting everyone who might know something about it, then working every spare moment to get the grant written. She had plenty of helpers visiting the museum frequently to help her put the words on paper, get the grant written and out. Often guests in the museum offered thoughts and ideas or suggestions. Members of the board literally put in extra effort (several hours, a trip to Pennsylvania and building a new business) to get more information read more…

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Emick’s Wind Farm Moves to Town

Sounds something like one of the Curious George books my granddaughter refers to as her Monkey George Books, but looking over the photos Keith Mosier sent, I think it took a little more work and coordination. Bob Emick, life time rancher from south of Lamar, and his sons gather windmills from around the country, pulling them into service either as active windmills pulling precious water from the ground, or as show pieces on their farm south of Lamar.  This showpiece centered the entry to the Emick Ranch and welcomed newcomers to the windfarm offices facing Hwy 287 after being transported to the family ranch from New Mexico. When Bob Emick loaned the windmill to the community, he made sure they understood it was on loan by sharing a now familiar story. The first windmill ever built in the United States was built in Ohio. After the windmill was taken down, the community boxed it up and put it in storage. A new city administrator moved in and took over the running of the community. He wanted to use the storage, so he had city workers take the crated windmill to the dump. So, for that reason, Bob made it very read more…

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Pat Palmer – Bringing the News Home

On those rare occasions when I do get back to Lamar these days, I stop at the Pit Stop for a Beef and Cheddar Sub. Palmer’s Pit Stop is truly the only place to find that flavor across the country. I’ve been to a lot of sub shops, both franchises and local stops, but the only place I’ve found that particular combination of flavors is right here at home, in our local favorite. I’ve never been able to decide if it’s the bread (which I lean toward this choice) or the company at the Pit Stop. Invariably, I run into Palmer, TJ Sanders, or one of the other many friends who work there when I stop in for a sandwich. Or even more likely, I run into one of my many friends from around the area, stopping in for gas or a sandwich and we get to chat for a moment, catch up on each others lives and remind ourselves why living in a small town is the “best”. Pat Palmer, the owner of The Pit Stop, has become a local celebrity over the years. His participation in all things historical gives him an air of distinction, a Pennsylvania Pioneer read more…

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