City Administrator Issues Plague Lamar

City Council faces choices with the City Administrator position once again as Bill Pfeilsticker resigns abruptly. More here

Council members held an executive session that afternoon to interview several candidates for an interim city administrator, following the abrupt resignation and departure of Bill Pfeilsticker. The interim administrator will hold that position until the council has advertised for, and selected a permanent replacement from a list of candidates. The council will be asked to ratify a phone poll to hire Steve Rabe as interim administrator.

Southeastern Colorado community has experienced more than a fair share of difficulties over the past several years on the administrative side of business… Suggestions from many local folks recommended that local people be hired into these positions, using local talent, because their love of community and dedication to service matters.

Can we hope that local residents will apply for the job and be considered for the position of City Administrator? What could be better than having a local, Lamar loving person in this position?

Step up Lamar, this is your opportunity.

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