Lamar, ColoradoYou know the town, it’s everyone’s hometown. Everybody remembers dragging main there, visiting BJ’s Drive In, and hot-rodding through Boy’s Paradise. But now Boy’s Paradise is a new development with a Cinderella House in the middle, and BJ’s has a new owner. Dragging main has taken on a whole new meaning as islands in the middle of the street now have cut of posts at the corner, where drivers blow tires if they cut a corner, and potholes the size of a third world country… Speaking of which… Half the population of a specific third world country now lives in this small town.

Hometown isn’t safe anymore. And it isn’t okay to send your children home to see the grandparents, they’ll get beaten up for walking down the street, and nobody there will care.

Lamar, ColoradoLAMARCO.US isn’t the same town I grew up in, nor is it the same town I left a few short years ago. It’s far worse…

But, there’s still good people there. And I’m sure there are benefits to living in a small town, beyond the lower costs of living.

So, let’s investigate this community at the lower end of the Arkansas Valley in Colorado. Let’s see what there is about this town that might appeal to any who pass through, or to those who stay.

We’ll be posting job offers, details about the community, and so much more… Stop by, leave a comment and tell us what you remember about your hometown, Lamar, CO. USA.

Lamar, Colorado

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