Welcome home to Lamar, Colorado where you’re always a part of the family!

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City of Lamar

The best part of living in Lamar, Colorado is the number of hometown folks who live, work and participate in the world as known in Lamar. People pack a powerful punch and the folks here in Lamar understand the value of knowing the neighbors and getting to know newcomers to the area. If you’re a newcomer to the area, be sure to stop in at the Chamber of Commerce and visit with Judy or Joy and ask them to tell you about the community.

Mayor Roger StagnerIf the Chamber is closed, visit the Pitstop where newcomer (a few years back) Pat Palmer takes part in the rebuilding of wagon wheels and promotes local tours. Other business owners around the area add their voice to the pioneer spirit and the hometown reality of living in the heartland of the United States.

Mayor Roger Stagner works at Stagner Inc. one of the largest auto dealerships in the area. He’s readily accessible on most days, just invite him to attend a meeting, he’ll come. He loves knowing what’s happening and participating in local hometown events. A hometown boy, Stagner graduated from Lamar High School and has spent his life building a business and raising a family right here in Lamar. After a few years away, he returned to the family business where a local hot spot is protected.

The largest building built of petrified wood is an old gas station on the corner of the Stagner lot. The petrified forest located south of Lamar provided the materials for the structure. Nearly anyone in town can share with you something of the history of that building, but you might want to stop and visit with Roger who gladly will take time from his day to show the structure to folks just passing through… along the back roads of Colorado.

Big Timbers Transportation MuseumDon’t forget to visit one of our favorite sites around Lamar – the Big Timbers Transportation Museum just north of Lamar, on the KLMR curve, where currently, they’re building a massive new museum to house the collection of wagons and transportation options open to Colorado through the years.

In the heart of Lamar, along the Santa Fe Trail, the Madonna of the Santa Fe Trail stands in pioneer dress, holding her child, on a corner near the Lamar Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center. Stop by and take a stroll through the Enchanted Forest as you cross the Heartland of America.

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